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Brand: Meridian Model: 912380016
Eliminate the mess with the Balance Spoon! This spoon balances on jars, cups, and bowls.  Use for coffee, tea, jams, dips, sugar, jellies, or condiments.  Great for getting and mixing honey or sugar into your drinks.  Conveniently hang on cup to dry before placing away.Dishwasher SafeDesigned in USA..
Centric Glass Baking Dish
Discontinued By Mfg
Brand: Trendglas JENA Model: 301231
The Centric round glass baking dish from TrendglasJENA holds 1.6 quarts and is perfect for baking casseroles, roasting meats, lasagna and much more.  Made with Trendglas JENA borosilicate 3.3 allergy free glassware.  This glass has great heat conduction and can be heated up to 842°.  This glass baki..
Brand: Trendglas JENA Model: 301255
This useful set consists of 3 glass bowls with matching synthetic lids for storage in the refrigerator or the freezer and 3 glass lids for microwave. The glass bowls are heat resistant up to 450°C (840°F) and suitable for microwave or oven. Sizes: 0.5L (17oz) - H 68 / W 131 / L 131 mm (2.6 / 5.1 / 5..
Brand: tag Model: 690103
Set of 4 Black Handles cheese utensils each measures 4.75" long.   Great for serving all types of cheese. 4.75" L Stainless SteelRubberwood..
Brand: Chef'n Model: CUP-540AP
Cups collapse and can be stored together for space-savingClearly marked measurements embedded into cup bottom650º heat resistant silicone body and400º heat resistant nylon frame for sizes;1 cup, 1/2 cup, 1/3 cup, and 1/4 cuptop-rack dishwasher safe..
Brand: Chef'n Model: CUP-540CH
Cups collapse and can be stored together for space-savingClearly marked measurements embedded into cup bottom650º heat resistant silicone body and 400º heat resistant nylon frame for sizes; 1 cup, 1/2 cup, 1/3 cup, and 1/4 cup top-rack dishwasher safe..
Brand: Magisso Model: 70408
The Magisso Chopping Pocket is the ultimate utensil for home, picnics and parties. Just chop your choice of veggies and fold up the cutting board to a nifty serving pocket and bring in the tacos and tortillas! When folded flat the Chopping Pocket is easy to store and take away. You can also use the ..
Fingerprint Potholder (2 pcs)
Top Brand
Brand: Menu Model: 4810539
The pattern on Potholder was inspired by the designer Jakob Wagner's fingerprint. There is in fact a reason for the patterns on fingers and hands, he says. It gives us a better grip on things. And what could be more obvious than applying the same principle to a potholder?Fingerprint potholder is man..
Brand: AdHoc Model: TE01
The easiest way to the perfect tea enjoyment. Floatea, the first floating tea egg. The Floating Tea Egg allows you to make that cup of tea to the strength you like.  Just fill the base with tea and put it in a glass of hot water. The Floating Tea Egg comes with a stand to hold the egg after steeping..
Brand: Fusion Brands Model: 17266
The FoodLoop® is the first heat-resistant silicone food trussing tool designed to replace kitchen string and toothpicks in the prep and cooking process.  Use the FoodLoop® to hold stuffed, rolled, bunched or wrapped meats, fish and veggies.  Made of high-heat resistant silicone, the nonstick the Foo..
Brand: Trendglas JENA Model: 301620
Enjoy the glass of juice poured from the sleek and modern glass pitcher.  Made by Trendglas JENA this glass JUG can fit the bill at brunches, breakfast or parties to brew your perfect cocktail to share.  This glass is crafted with borosilicate glass 3.3 which and Trendglas has been certified by the ..
Brand: Norpro Model: 684
Measures: 2.5" x 5" x 3" / 6cm x 13cm x 7.5cm with 5.25"/13.5cm spreader included. A built in sandwich cutter lets you effortlessly create a prefect sandwich. Create the old fashioned ice cream sandwiches you loved as a child.  Recipe and instructions included. Hand washing ..
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