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Elegant wine blind tasting bottle sleeves.  This set of 3 sleeves is an ideal gift for the oenophile. These sleeves are shaped to fit over the standard wine bottle and are perfectly suited for your bottles for tastings.  These sleeves or should we say these Cache-Bouteille will be a welcome addition..
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Crystal Cleaner
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Do you have a hard time cleaning those wine glasses that you love?  Well use this thick microfibre cloth. This "Cristal Cleaner" brings an incomparable sparkle to your wine glassware and to your crystal. Environmentally friendly, it also does away with the need to use detergents, whose residues can ..
The Golden Boy Sommelier Corkscrew is a revisited design of the traditional Sommelier praised by all "Garçons de cafe" in Paris in its gold-plated version: nice curves, pleasant handling and easy to take away to open all your bottles!The curved design combines style with ergonomics, this iconicLe Ga..
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This little handbook helps wine lovers organize and enrich your collection.  The cellar book help you find the right words and expressions for wine tastings.  This handbook also guides your through the various vineyards of the world....and help you crate that collection that resembles you. Incudes:(..
Check your taste and Discover your favorite wines.  This little booklet has a list of 43 questions about your taste and your cultural preferences.  Wine Discovery 2 will help find out what types and styles of wine are likely to please you the most.  Wine Discovery 2 can be used as a tool to use for ..
Are you ready to unlock the secrets of perfect wine storage? The Atelier du Vin Horloge Hygro-Thermo is here to revolutionize the way you cherish your wine collection.Say goodbye to wine anxiety!  with L'atelier Du Vin Hygro-Thermo Clock gives you real-time insights into the ideal temperature a..
Timbale Bucket, Wine Bucket, Champagne Bucket, many names but this bucket has great design. Made of stainless steel base and a beech wood handle.  This bucket is a play on the classic farm milk can.  Timbale Bucket can and lid can be used for double duty, the base for holding that great bottle of ch..
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This  product is  great for your crystal and fine wine glass and decanters. The antibacterial drying mat with silver yarn is a thick microfibre towel-sponge, sewn with antibacterial silver yarn. The Drying Mat drains off the water from the glasses and the decanters previously hand-washed u..
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The Good size Stemware  is The Good Size® series enables you to taste every kind of wine under the best conditions. Good size one is best used for red wines.  The good wine series is set to be discontinued, limited quantities available Product DetailsHolds 11 oz Set of 2 GlassesMade of Crystalline G..
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The Good size Stemware  is The Good Size® series enables you to taste every kind of wine under the best conditions. Good size two is best used for red wines, this is glass brings out the filings and holds the aromas so you can enjoy.To be discontinued by Manufacture - Limited Quantities availablePro..
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These beautiful flutes are both slender and thin, the Flûte Good Size is designed to optimize the olfactory and gustatory enjoyment of all effervescent wines, thanks to its openness and tightened rim. The “perlage point” (the starting point of the effervescence) creates and develops strings of bubbl..
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