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Fingerprint Potholder (2 pcs)
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Brand: Menu Model: 4810539
The pattern on Potholder was inspired by the designer Jakob Wagner's fingerprint. There is in fact a reason for the patterns on fingers and hands, he says. It gives us a better grip on things. And what could be more obvious than applying the same principle to a potholder?Fingerprint potholder is man..
Norm 2 qt. Glass Tea Kettle Menu Norm 2 qt. Glass Tea Kettle Menu
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Brand: Menu Model: 4545129
The Menu Norm Glass Teapot is designed by the architects with simple Japanese lines that meet up with the modern Scandinavian design.  This teapot has a drop-down infuser egg that allows for steeping and retraction once brewing has finished.  The silhouette of this kettle ensures it will f..
$89.99 $68.99
Nutcracker Nutcracker
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Brand: Menu Model: 4790069
This modern take on the nutcracker makes cracking nuts quick and easy.   Cracking exotic nuts, macadamias can be cracked with a quick slap. Material: Stainless SteelBlack Rubber..
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