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Brand: Philippi Model: 193202
Keep those business cards well protected with this business card holder.  A great gift for your colleague or assistant.Front of Case-Size: 3.8" x 2.5" x .4"Front of Case-Color: BlackFront of Case-Material: Metal..
Brand: Philippi Model: 138001
This Churchill Hip Flask is great size that fits directly in your pocket or handbag.   You can use this flask to take to that not-so-special occasion.  This stylish yet practical flask is uncomplicated in its design.Made of High Polished SteelScrew Cap 4.5" h Holds 4 oz..
Brand: Philippi Model: 207001
Keep your handbag off the floor!The DISC Handbag Holder is attractive and elegantly designed. The table hook is so small, that when magnetically rolled-up, it fits into any bag. With DISC every purse or bag finds a secure spot on the edge of a table or bar. Nickel finishEVALeatherLacquer1.7" d..
Brand: Philippi Model: 128005
This hip flask can fit in a suit pocket or in a back pocket.  The Giorgio hip flask is outer is lined in leather and holds just under 5 oz.  Enjoy and savor that sip when out or add that extra to a drink when you order when out.  This hip flask is lined with real leather and topped with a silver bra..
Brand: Philippi Model: 128033
Sometimes, it’s the little details that decide whether an appearance is favorable. A wrinkled tie can certainly reduce that first overall impression. The GIORGIO tie box helps avoid those wrinkles, as it safely stores and transports one to two ties (depending on the material). LeatherPolished Stainl..
Brand: Philippi Model: 193051
This beautiful heart shaped jewelry box from Philippi is silver plated and is 4 inches long, lined with fabric make ensuring jewelry items are not damaged during transport.  ..
Brand: Philippi Model: 195143
Love heart napkin ring set of two from is the perfect touch to that romantic dinner for two. Metal Diecast Napkin RingsSet of 2 Red Lacquered love hearts Designed Germany..
Brand: Philippi Model: 125555
STRAIGHT FROM THE HEART…With each movement, the love heart gives off a gentle spherical sound. A little something for people who are dear to us, and who in turn, will fondly remember the giver. Polished Red Steel Heart is delivered in red velvet bag2.75" w x 2.75" l x 1.2" h..
Brand: Philippi Model: 120004
This elegant business card dispenser that boasts a preview window, large enough hold credit cards. This extraordinary design allows you to see top card and push out with a flick of your thumb. Made with high-quality material of which makes the NIC dispenser a stylish companion; not only in business...
Brand: Philippi Model: 195197
With the compass keyring you will always be headed in the right direction.  Polished PalladiumCompassKeychainUn-Gaged..
Brand: Philippi Model: 136024
UNCOMPLICATED COHESION!Fastening paper just like back in the pioneer times of office management – without any staples! PHILIPPI has re-launched the PUSH fastener back to the desk; with an old, yet simple revolutionary technology. The little fastener punches a paper-slice that is then folded back and..
Brand: Philippi Model: 195130
Keep that loose change in the bank and not in your pocket.  No longer do you have to keep that change in your pocket.  Use this desk savings bank keeps change close at hand.  The Rollie savings bank has 4 wheels that easily rolls across most surfaces. Stainless Steel3.9" H x 3.14" W x 2.6"L..
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