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Rice Husk Pestle and Mortar set

Rice Husk Pestle and Mortar set
Rice Husk Pestle and Mortar set

Technology is amazing, and this pestle and mortar set is another advance in technology.  Legnoart has developed this pestle and mortar set that is made of rice husk. Yes, rice husk this light weight set is durable and light. 

About Rice Husk

an agricultural by-product in abundant supply Anti-bacteria Anti-odour A healthy and green alternative to traditional plastic. Rice Husks is non-toxic, anti-bacterial, anti-fungus, anti-odour, and thus are safe if accidentally consumed. This is mainly because the natural products are made from protective rice husks, natural abundant agricultural by-products made through high heat sterilization and compression process. Subsequently, they are high in density, extremely durable, water and oil resistance and most mportantly they are able to withstand temperature as low as -30˚C and as high as 120˚C. Best of all, they are all natural biodegradable products that decompose into their natural state over time given an ideal biodegradable environment.

  • 5" 1/2 x 7" 1/4 x 3" 3/4 
  • Designed in Italy 

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