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Brand: Stellar Model: JA90
Place your warm milk insert the included frothing disc and start priming.  This frother is great for manual use or use the base along with a handheld frother and make a great cups of tea or coffee.  Less milk means more froth, more milk less froth.  Our you can use this for creating single server so..
Scoop Colander
-47 %
Brand: Stellar Model: SY64
This simple kitchen utensil will allow you to drain, scoop and serve items right from the pot or pan.  The finger moulded handle handle allows for easy of use.  Stainless Steel Hanging Loop Dishwasher Safe Stellar Lifetime Guarantee ..
$19.00 $9.99
Stellar Plaza Teapot Stellar Plaza Teapot
-10 %
Brand: Stellar Model: SP50
The Plaza teapot is sophisticated in its design.  The square base the mirror finish of this teapot is ideal for use in multiple setting.  You can use this kettle as a brewer for loose tea, just add hot water or use it on a warmer to warm up your water, just remove the rubber base pad.  Contemporary ..
$40.00 $35.99
Stellar Stove Top Ebony Kettle
New -53 %
Brand: Stellar Model: SV63
Stellar kettles are internationally renowned for their characterful designs. These kettles will suit the tastes of discerning stove users in the UK and Ireland and users around the world. Top-quality stainless steel with Thermic, induction-ready bases. This kettle is suitable for ALL stovetops. T..
$107.00 $49.99
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