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French Press Coffee Maker - 8 cups

French Press Coffee Maker - 8 cups
French Press Coffee Maker - 8 cups

If you are a coffee connoisseur or like making your own milk froth.  This Coffee press pulls double duty as a french press and a milk frother, if you want to froth milk leave the white plastic insert in. If you are just a person who likes the french press method of brewing coffee remove the plastic insert and use it as a press.  This french press is great for sharing that batch of coffee with co-workers or at brunch at home.  Just heat water to optimal brewing temperature, add coarsely ground coffee beans, and pour over until the coffee becomes dark and rich showcasing the complexities of flavor from the beans.  Push down the plunger to trap the coffee grounds, pour, and enjoy the rich flavor and aromas of a great cup of coffee.

  • Glass body and stainless steel lid 
  • Made of heat-resistant borosilicate glass
  • Stainless-steel filter 
  • This press brews up to 33.8 oz 
  • 9.3" H x 5.9" D x 4" W 
  • Heat resistant 
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Microwaveable 

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