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Tea and Coffee Accessories

Tea and Coffee Accessories
Brand: AdHoc
The easiest way to the perfect tea enjoyment. Floatea, the first floating tea egg. The Floating Tea Egg allows you to make that cup of tea to the strength you like.  Just fill the base with tea and put it in a glass of hot water. The Floating Tea Egg comes with a stand to hold the egg after steeping..
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Brand: Judge UK
Creamy froth is just seconds away with this handheld milk frother. Whip up rich, creamy froth for your lattes, cappuccinos, or any of your favorites.  The frother is easy to use and comes with a stand to place the frother after use and save on making a mess on your counter.  The frother is..
Made with the trendglas borosilicate glass.  This bowl and creamer set is made with a contemporary coupe style.  The creamer extends this with it handle and easy pour lip.  Heat Resistant Microwave Safe Dishwasher SafeBoth bowls hold 6.8 oz (200 ml)Bowl 2"H x 3.8 D  (50 mm x 96 mm)Creamer 2"H x 4.6"..
This classic glass sugar and creamer set compliments any tableware beautifully.  store sugar in cubes or in powdered state this creamer set is made out of Trendglas-jena allergy free glassware.  Creamer and Sugar cups both hold 8.5 oz Heat Resistant GlassDishwasher SafeMicrowaveable Holds 8.5 ozDime..
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Swizzle Sticks.  These glass stir sticks are great elegant yet simple in their design: these coffee stirrers come in a set of 6 that are versatile in usage. Use the stir stick to stir mix drinks, coffee, or use it to oven grill vegetables in the oven. Dishwasher safe, hand wash preferred a gr..
Brand: Meridian
Eliminate the mess with the Balance Spoon! This spoon balances on jars, cups, and bowls.  Use for coffee, tea, jams, dips, sugar, jellies, or condiments.  Great for getting and mixing honey or sugar into your drinks.  Conveniently hang on cup to dry before placing away.Dishwasher SafeDesigned in USA..
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