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Zieher - Germany

Donna Wooden Pillow
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Brand: Zieher - Germany Model: 4772.33PB
Are you tired of your typical fruit bowl?  Let your fruit breathe and get more days out of your fruit and stave off the ethylene gas the cause fruit to ripen quicker in an enclosed bowl. However, the "Donna" is just not for your fruits. The Donna Pillow can also be used to conveniently store items t..
Eddy Wine Decanter Eddy Wine Decanter
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Brand: Zieher - Germany Model: 4884.PB
Better know as "The decanter Eddy"  this instruments defines the world of wine and how you look at wine decanter in ta totally new way.  The Eddy wine decanter wood base is used to hold this lovely decanter.  The Eddy decanter is designed with a long neck and a round end.  Inside the decanter are pr..
Brand: Zieher - Germany Model: 5481
This set of luxury champagne flutes from Zieher Germany adds the perfect touch to any table setting. The elegant yet simple design is functional as well as beautiful. These flutes will easily elevate your bar or table and great set of champagne flutes for the bride and groom to give their first toas..
Brand: Zieher - Germany Model: 5480.01
You have never seen wine like this!  Zieher believes that there is no distinction made between the red wines and white wines in their Vision collection.  Each glass was designed to suit the variety wines.   Characteristics of the "Fresh" wine glasses For extremely fresh white wines, Prosecco o..
Brand: Zieher - Germany Model: 5480.02
Zieher Vision Series You have never seen wine like this! Zieher believes that there is no distinction is made between the red wines and white wines in their Vision collection. Each glass was designed to suit the variety wines this is one of the best wine glasses you can buy because of its ability..
Brand: Zieher - Germany Model: 5480.03
Zieher Vision Series Red wine glass = white wine glass and white wine glass = red wine glass.  It's thought that many white wines need a much bigger platform for optimum wine presentation than what they have been in the past.  However, many red wines are given more room than necessary. &n..
Brand: Zieher - Germany Model: 5480.04
BALANCED For white and red Burgundy, great Piedmontese wines, highly complex but sensitive white and red wines, extremely opulent rosé wines, and old vintage champagne. A perfect glass for wine that is not for decanting because of its sensitive structure, but still requires a great deal of air. This..
Brand: Zieher - Germany Model: 5480.05
For fortified, sweet and dessert wines and any type of distilled beverages A glass for the majority of heavyweight or high-proof drinks. The small presentation surface ensures that the wine or brandy is developing slowly and does not become overly concentrated.The alcohol can evaporate in the relat..
Brand: Zieher - Germany Model: 5480.06
Zieher Nostalgic wine glass set harkens back to the day of drinking champagne out of a coupé.  This vintage looking glass set is Zieher update to the classic design with it wide mouth bowl this glass can stand up to mineral water, cocktails, or as a food glass.This glass manages to ennoble any miner..
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