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Donna Wooden Pillow

Donna Wooden Pillow
Donna Wooden Pillow

Are you tired of your typical fruit bowl?  Let your fruit breathe and get more days out of your fruit and stave off the ethylene gas the cause fruit to ripen quicker in an enclosed bowl. However, the "Donna" is just not for your fruits. 

The Donna Pillow can also be used to conveniently store items that you use every day and keep them well organized on the nightstand.  The larger surface allows one to store a phone, wallet, watches, and jewelry.   

This Wooden Pillow is made of solid walnut wood and refined and sealed with high-quality oils.  The oils bring out the striking beauty of the walnut by exposing the wood deep dark grains. The platter is milled to last through the age of time and the design of the "Donna pillow" entices one's eye with the low profile of modern sculpture and simple elegance.


  • Weight: 5 lbs 
  • Walnut - Wood 
  • 13" L x 8"W x 2"h
  • Food Safe 
  • Made in Slovenia for Zieher

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