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Yuri Zatarain

Brand: Yuri Zatarain Model: Love Ring -black
Yuri Zatarain's artwork is surrounded by feelings. there is a yearning to discover something totally new in the essence of old subjects, such as love. experience Yuri's inspiration with this black ceramic love ring sculpture. sure to make a beautiful addition to your home. Dimensions 13"x19"x25h"wei..
Brand: Yuri Zatarain Model: 10020201
Yuri Zatarain's designs capture a feeling he describes as "ethnic chic," combining a global sensibility with a contemporary aesthetic. The painted Sketchball is sure to look incredible in any room of your home. Made of ceramic clay.Weight 49.8 pounds23" in RoundShipping will be arranged after purcha..
Brand: Yuri Zatarain Model: Needle Shaped Sculpture
Yuri Zatarain large-scale ceramic sculpture. This free-form curvaceous needle-shaped sculpture is a porcelain colored glaze and is blended color blacks and creams.Weight 25 lbs.Approx. Dimensions: base  10" d x 40"h Designer: Yuri ZatarainShipping method will be arranged after purchase..
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