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About AKA Dwelling

Years ago, while traveling abroad our founder noticed products and items that were not seen in the United States. They were great brands in Europe but rarely seen in the United States. So he started gathering a list of these brands in hopes that he would be able to share these brands with people in the United States - Visiting places in Portugal, Germany, and Italy, he began to compile a list of brands and companies that carried some really nice and unique items for the home. He began sharing these items with a few of his friends and family and soon realized that he could go one step further, and decided to create a presence online and that’s what happened in 2004.

After giving careful thought and bouncing ideas with friends the name A.K.A Dwelling was selected. Which simply states living well in a nice home with accommodations is Also Known As Dwelling.

What started in 2004 has now expanded and continually grows with more brands and more products from around the world. AKA Dwelling does not seek to carry a million products, just great ones, we look for products that would be good for your dwelling, and to provide our customers with a great customer experience. 

AKA Dwelling is committed to providing outstanding products and outstanding service. Our company has a small team of buyers who carefully select products from around the world. Along with our years of retail experience and our money-back guarantee, we provide all our customers with a worry-free shopping experience. Life is short...Dwell Well! 

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us. You can email us at support(at) or call us at 877-388-7245

AKA Dwelling - 5071 Martin Luther King Jr. Fwy, Fort Worth, Texas 76119