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Water and Tea Kettles

Brand: Trendglas JENA Model: 111007
This water kettle has the Trendglas-Jena traditional glass ball lid. This kettle is made with the Trendglas-Jena borosilicate glass 3.3 which is highly resistant to water, neutral, and acid solutions. Trendglas-Jena is the first and so far the only business to be certified by the European Centre for..
Brand: Trendglas JENA Model: 105051
This water kettle from trendglas-Jena gets its inspiration from the Nova teapot.  The tapered body and wide open handle are taken directly from the ever popular Nova teapot.  There are some minor changes in this water kettle than its sister teapot.  The Nova teapot comes with a flat lid for storing ..
Brand: Trendglas JENA Model: 111014
With this glass water kettle, you can watch your water go from cold to boil.  Great clear glass water kettle can be  used to boil water.   This kettles' spout is designed with a dimple in the downspout, which is handy when using for coffee pour overs, allowing full control of a pour with drip free p..
Brand: Trendglas JENA Model: 127206
This versatile jug is made from Trendglas-Jena borosilicate glass and holds 1.3 Liter. The glass has been certified as allergy-free by the European Union.  Made from borosilicate 3 glassware which is pore-free from trapping odors so you can use it with coffee, juices, tea, water, and sodas and ..
Brand: Trendglas JENA Model: 127008
The clear shape of this kettle and the transparency of the material make a great cook experience out of steam bubbles while boiling. Particularly allergy sufferers learn to appreciate the nonporous surface. Suitable for all conventional hobs (gas, electric and glass-ceramic) this glass kettle is an ..
Brand: Trendglas JENA Model: 121006
This lighting teapot has a center base opening and a cone center that allows the tea to be warmed by lighting a tea light candle and placing it in the center section for the pot. Lighting teapot ILLOS was the winner of the iF product design award 2016. A successful 60-year history speaks for itself:..
Brand: Trendglas JENA Model: 220105
Steep your tea and infuse it all with this one handy tea cup.  The tea cup Zyclo holds 10 oz (.3l) Features Flat lid and glass strainerHeat resistantDishwasher safeMicrowaveable Glass InfuserHold .3L (10 oz)Dimensions: 4.9" H x 4.6" W x 3.2" D (125 mm x 116 mm x 82 mm)Made in Germany ..
Brand: Trendglas JENA Model: 105068
The teapot is an update on the Nova series teapot from Trendglas JENA.  The more modern updated spout gives better control when pouring.  However, the classic design of the base does remain the same with its domed appearance and large handle this teapot will make a welcome addition to any kitchen. P..
Tea for Two  Tea for Two
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Brand: Trendglas JENA Model: 220006
This teapot is great for steeping two cups of tea.  The design is simple with the short spout and wide base.  Tea for Two includes a glass infuser and flat glass lid. Holds 13.5 oz.Made with Borosilicate Glass 3.3Flat Glass Lid Glass Infuser Heat Resistant Glass PotMicrowave SafeDishwasher Safe4.9"h..
Brand: Trendglas JENA Model: 104023
Classic yet modern designed teapot made by Trendglas-Jena with stainless steel strainer.  This teapot holds 20 ounces of your favorite tea.  The stainless steel infuser is great for medicinal teas as it can be used on the stovetop at the boil.  Glass BodyGlass Lid made of Borosilicate 3.3 EU certifi..
Miko Teapot 1.2L (40 oz)
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Brand: Trendglas JENA Model: 102005
The Miko teapot is classic in its design and practical for sharing that perfect brew with others.  This glass is EU certified as hygienic and has a pore free surface.  What does this mean? Because this glass has a pore free surface it does not retain smells therefore eliminating odors left behind ot..
Puck Teapot
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Brand: Trendglas JENA Model: 113001
Holds just over 13 ounces which is just enough for two cups of tea, or one large cup.  This puck teapot is made with Trendglas-jena borosilicate glass which has been certified by the EU as hypo allergenic.Glass Pot Glass LidGlass Infuser Holds 13.5 ouncesHeat Resistant Microwave Safe Dishwasher Safe..
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