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Coffee Mugs and Tea Cups

Discontinued By Mfg
Brand: Trendglas JENA Model: 210502
This MIKO cup is the smaller version of the ever popular Jumbo cup.  Holds just under 7 ounces (.2 L).  The cup MIKO comes with a saucer to complete the set.  These glasses are made with the Trendglas-Jena 3.3 Borosilicate glass which is a pore free glass that is resistant to odors and keeps smells ..
Brand: Trendglas JENA Model: 211080
Basic in its design, the Office  cup is just like the office mug but without the handle.  Use for ice tea, beer or any of your favorite iced beverages. Holds 13 ounces4" x 4.5" x  3.26"Made in Germany Microwave Safe Dishwasher Safe Borosilicate Glass 3.3 ..
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