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Brand: Legnoart Model: SD-2
The Crook wine decanter is great for decanting your mature wines.  The Crook decanter is made from a lead free blown glass and bio finishing.  The decanter set comes with a wine funnel, filter screen, brown thermo ash wood base.  The base of the funnel is filled with small holes to provide  addition..
Eddy Wine Decanter Eddy Wine Decanter
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Brand: Zieher - Germany Model: 4884.PB
Better know as "The decanter Eddy"  this instruments defines the world of wine and how you look at wine decanter in ta totally new way.  The Eddy wine decanter wood base is used to hold this lovely decanter.  The Eddy decanter is designed with a long neck and a round end.  Inside the decanter are pr..
Brand: Legnoart Model: SD-1
The Optimum wine decanter is a welcome addition to a wine connoisseur collection.  The Optimum decanter set includes  funnel, wood base and decanter.  The wide mouth and narrow necks makes the Optimum decanter easy to pick up and pour.  Wine Decanting set, includes :DecanterThermo ash wood base, Fun..
Brand: La Rochere Model: 712401ST1
La Rochere has updated the classic beside water carafe with a bold, geometric silhouette stylized with the word “water” across the body. Its weighted base and sturdy design make it the perfect staple for your table or kitchen countertop. Partner it with the matching water glasses for a chic presenta..
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