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Steel and Porcelain Kettles

Brand: AdHoc Model: TK01
This Corsage Teapot is made of porcelain and holds 34 ounces.  The top of this teapot is stylishly adorned with a  rubber sleeve that fits like a corsage.  The cool white tea pot made of porcelain is covered by a black corsated silicone coat at its slim carafe throat. This corsage is heat resistant ..
Brand: ASA Selection Model: 92045017
MOA - That's one thing you won't be saying when you brew your tea in this teapot.  This teapot holds 84.5 ounces of your favorite tea.  This teapot comes with a stainless steel infuser and a locking teapot lid which locks in place so you won't loose it while pouring. PorcelainHolds 84.5 ounces  Dish..
Brand: ASA Selection Model: 13001017
ASA-Selection round teapot with metal handle part is small Dishwasher safePorcelainHolds 23.6 oz Designed in Germany 4.33" D x 4.13" H ..
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