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Cups and Tea Glasses

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Brand: Trendglas JENA Model: 210502
This MIKO cup is the smaller version of the ever popular Jumbo cup.  Holds just under 7 ounces (.2 L).  The cup MIKO comes with a saucer to complete the set.  These glasses are made with the Trendglas-Jena 3.3 Borosilicate glass which is a pore free glass that is resistant to odors and keeps smells ..
Brand: Trendglas JENA Model: 210106
This Jumbo tea cup is very lightweight, yet very durable.  The Jumbo drinking cup holds 13.5 ounces and is beautiful in its simplicity and design.  The jumbo cup can be used to drink coffee and tea with out worry.  Made from Borosilicate glass 3.3 which is produced exclusively in Germany. The borosi..
Brand: Trendglas JENA Model: 502003
This set of Tea Glasses are the perfect set for sharing that tea with a group of friends. Suitable for office and Home use because this glass is been deemed Allergy Free by the EU, coffee, tea and dishwasher odors will not penetrate this glassware.   Each glass hold 6.8 oz. Product DescriptionSet of..
Brand: Trendglas JENA Model: 502027
This set of Tea Glasses are the perfect set for sharing coffee and tea with a group of friend or office staff.. Suitable for office and home use because this glass is been deemed Allergy Free by the EU, coffee, tea and dishwasher odors will not penetrate this glassware.  These are great glasses with..
Brand: Trendglas JENA Model: 211080
Basic in its design, the Office  cup is just like the office mug but without the handle.  Use for ice tea, beer or any of your favorite iced beverages. Holds 13 ounces4" x 4.5" x  3.26"Made in Germany Microwave Safe Dishwasher Safe Borosilicate Glass 3.3 ..
Brand: Trendglas JENA Model: 210205
Perfect size for that perfect cup of tea.  This set is made with Trendglas-Jena Borosilicate Glass 3.3Glass Saucer Glass tea cupHolds 6.7 oz Made in Germany..
Brand: La Rochere Model: 640401
This mug is a great take on classic French design.  The Ouessant collect has now added a tea mug with a stainless steel infuser.  The mug is graced with its sleek embossed vertical lines and brilliant luster makes this set stylish and functional.  The glass holds 10 ounces, is accompanied by an acac..
Brand: Trendglas JENA Model: 210908
  This mug is great for serving coffee or teas.  Constructed with Trendglas Jena borosilicate 3.3 glass which is certified to be allergy-free and pore-free.  This glass will make a welcome addition as a conference room glass or at home in the kitchen. Product Details 6 Glass MugsMade of Borosilicate..
Brand: Trendglas JENA Model: 210410
These LINEA cup set is an update to the old LINEA cups, instead of being two cups with out a saucer, it is now one cup and one saucer.  The cups and saucers are great for that small cup of coffee or tea.  The Cup LINEA comes as a set of 1 cup and 1 saucer.  The cup adds a casual feel to any table an..
Brand: Trendglas JENA Model: 220105
Steep your tea and infuse it all with this one handy tea cup.  The tea cup Zyclo holds 10 oz (.3l) Features Flat lid and glass strainerHeat resistantDishwasher safeMicrowaveable Glass InfuserHold .3L (10 oz)Dimensions: 4.9" H x 4.6" W x 3.2" D (125 mm x 116 mm x 82 mm)Made in Germany ..
Brand: Trendglas JENA Model: 220204
Tea Time with stainless steel strainer holds 10 ounces and can be used for coffee or tea, set includes Glass Cup,stainless infuser and Glass Lid.  Due to it glass lid the tea time glass can be used in the chinese Gaiwan tea brewing.  Use the cups internal infuser to remove the leaves for re-steeping..
Brand: Trendglas JENA Model: 211103
Basic in its design, the Office XL mug is the big brother of the standard office mug and holds an additional 7 ounces more than the office mug. Trendglas JENA, produces the highest-quality, heat-resistant (up to 842°F!) glassware for cooking, baking, boiling, serving tea and coffee, and more. Their ..
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