Few things in life can give you the kind of warm brain hug that coffee offers. And if I sound too dramatic, you might just as well ask any coffee lover how much we honor the magic of coffee and the beauty of its right texture. Especially when it comes to cappuccinos and lattes, that luscious and silky milk foam can push all the right buttons to get us going for the day.


If you are an espresso lover, you probably know that foam can make or break your drinking experience big time. Now you might be practicing your barista skills at home to get the same texture you find at your favorite coffee shop. But what you don’t know is that investing in some great frothing tools can make a big difference in mastering the art of frothing.


Read on to find out everything you need to know in order to down pat the skill of frothing!


What Is Frothing?

Frothing is basically the process of creating micro-bubbles in the milk. In this process, you blow hot air or steam through the milk. Introducing hot air into the milk and then heating it naturally improves both, the taste and texture of your coffee.


Since the micro-bubbles on the surface of the milk are a well-knit string of protein molecules, skim milk works better for frothing than whole milk. Despite having creamier taste, it is often difficult to get whole milk to froth at all. That said, I recommend to use partially skimmed milk to get the best frothing for your perfect cup o’ coffee.


Know Your Frothing Device

Today, frothing gadgets can be categorized broadly into three categories; manual, hand-held and automatic. More often than not, the frothing device is the steam you want on an espresso machine. Manual devices are usually the most economical option as they require a bit of more elbow grease to froth the milk. Hand-held devices, as the name suggests, are small and portable. These small electrical devices give great frothing results at a very affordable price. Lastly, the automatic category has the largest range of expensive items, but they are the easiest to use.


Regardless of the option you go for, you will need the following gear to get the best frothing:


Ø  A frothing device (any of the above three types)

Ø  A milk frothing pitcher

Ø  A thermometer


The Art of Frothing

Frothing milk for coffee is one of the most difficult barista skills to master. Not because the process itself is challenging, but because there are distinct stages that the milk goes through and all of that has to happen under 60 seconds.


In order to get the perfect soft and smooth texture with the right amount of foams, you have to focus on the following two stages of frothing:



The first step in frothing your milk is to stretch it. Stretching the milk adds small air bubbles on the surface, giving the milk just the right amount of micro-foam, which is both, silky and smooth.


For stretching the milk, you have to bring the frothing wand to the surface of the milk in such a way that the tip is just at the surface level. This will push air into the milk to give it more volume. The stretching phase completes when the temperature reaches 40 degrees. However, if you are going to froth with a hand-held or manual device, you are going to use warm milk to stretch it when you first begin to whip.



Once the milk has been stretched, the next step is texturing. For giving texture to the milk, the nozzle of the steam wand is submerged under the surface. You will notice a whirlpool motion in the milk. This step will essentially thicken the milk up by pushing more air between the molecules. Give the frothing pitcher a gentle tap on the counter to break any surface bubbles. When you have the desired smooth creamy texture, remove the wand and clean it with a damp towel. Remember not to touch it with your hand as it must be piping hot.


With a manual or hand-held device, you will submerge the whisk under the surface and whip the warm milk until it has a smooth and silky texture.


The Best Frothing Gadgets for Your Collection

At AKA Dwelling, we are always bringing you gadgets that offer great experience as far as your need is concerned. We do not seek to carry a million great products, in fact, we look for products that would meet your need the best way. This is why when it comes to frothing, your collection of coffee-making tools simply cannot do without our following frothing gadgets:


Stainless Steel Milk Frother for Cappuccinos & Lattes by Stellar

The stainless steel milk frother by Stellar whips up your milk for a brimming cup of foamy cappuccino. The best thing about this manual frother is that you do not have to spend a fortune now to enjoy your daily cup of frothy cappuccino at home.


The stainless steel design of this frother is durable, which means you do not have to worry about it breaking like a glass manual frother does often. Unlike expensive automatic frothers, it is also incredibly easy to clean. You do not need to wash multiple parts. Rather you just have to wash the stainless steel jug and the lid with the mesh.


Using it might be a bit of work as compared to electric frothers, but the result is just as rewarding. All you have to do is pour warm milk, insert the frothing disk and start priming to get the desired amount of froth for your coffee.


Judge UK Milk Frother With Stand

The Judge UK Milk Frother is an affordable hand-held gadget that froths milk quickly with its stainless steel motorized whisk. It is a reliable little appliance that has a battery-powered whisk for frothing and that too at a very budget-friendly price.



The frother is easy to use and comes with a stand to place the frother after use and save on making a mess on your counter. Using it is also simple and intuitive. Just hold the whisk in the warm milk and whisk for a few seconds for perfectly creamy froth.


Judge UK Handheld Milk Frother With Stand

There is another great hand-held frother by Judge UK in our AKA Dwelling collection for you. This gadget is perfect for people with small kitchens or the ones on the go. This hand-held milk frother is lightweight and comes with a sleeve to protect the whisk.


Moreover, if you are a frequent frother, you can keep it on the stand to simply grab and use anytime you want. The battery-operated whisk will give you just the right froth for your coffee every time.


Final Word

Purchasing a separate milk frother saves you both, time and money, allowing you to make your perfect frothy latte in the comfort of your home. Manual and hand-held milk frothers are especially good options as they don’t cost you a lot and save you a lot on electricity bills.


At AKA Dwelling, we offer many more coffee accessories, like Trendsetter JENA Milk Frothing Pitcher. Not only do they make it easier for you to master the art of frothing, but they also reward you with the best user experience.