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Brand: L’Atelier du Vin Model: 095242
This  product is  great for your crystal and fine wine glass and decanters. The antibacterial drying mat with silver yarn is a thick microfibre towel-sponge, sewn with antibacterial silver yarn, the Drying Mat drains off the water from the glasses and the decanters that you just hand-washed under wa..
Beechwood Ghemme Sommelier Corkscrew
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Brand: Legnoart Model: WF-1
Professional Sommelier Corkscrew classic in design.  This corkscrew has a two stage lever for easy pulling and  handle is made with beechwood and steel with butterfly foil cutter. Heavy duty in design and once in your hand you will know you are using a quality corkscrew. Eco-Leather CaseCorkscrewDes..
Brand: Eternal Glass Model: BER-TRN
This beer glass is designed with a sharp and compact design.  Its size is perfect for pouring that small glass of beer.  This glass comes in a wooden Japanese cedar box.  The glass is won the coveted good design award and comes with a lifetime guarantee for a lifetime of enjoyment.&nb..
Brand: L’Atelier du Vin Model: 95385
Elegant wine blind tasting bottle sleeves.  This set of 3 sleeves is an ideal gift for the oenophile. These sleeves are shaped to fit over the standard wine bottle and are perfectly suited for your bottles for tastings.  These sleeves or should we say these Cache-Bouteille will be a welcome addition..
Brand: Philippi Model: 138001
This Churchill Hip Flask is great size that fits directly in your pocket or handbag.   You can use this flask to take to that not-so-special occasion.  This stylish yet practical flask is uncomplicated in its design.Made of High Polished SteelScrew Cap 4.5" h Holds 4 oz..
Corkscrew “Nebbiolo” – Grey wood
New Discontinued By Mfg
Brand: Legnoart Model: WF-2D
Stainless steel frame, long lever handle, Professional corkscrew, skillfully engraved details. Extra leverage with double hinge for long corks. Grey colored stamina wood handle, with smooth feeling..
Brand: Legnoart Model: SD-2
The Crook wine decanter is great for decanting your mature wines.  The Crook decanter is made from a lead free blown glass and bio finishing.  The decanter set comes with a wine funnel, filter screen, brown thermo ash wood base.  The base of the funnel is filled with small holes to provide  addition..
Crystal Cleaner Crystal Cleaner
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Brand: L’Atelier du Vin Model: 095080
Do you have a hard time cleaning those wine glasses that you love?  Well use this thick microfibre cloth. This "Cristal Cleaner" brings an incomparable sparkle to your wine glassware and to your crystal. Environmentally friendly, it also does away with the need to use detergents, whose residues can ..
Brand: eva solo Model: 567724
This wine rack from Eva Solo is a fun, functional and creative wine rack.  This wine rack can be assembled and expand in a variety of ways. The modular concept allows for various configurations and setting.  Each set contains seven connecting pieces and 24 bars. Creating that perfect work of art can..
Brand: Legnoart Model: WF-1DX
The Ghemme Grand Crue Corkscrew is designed for sommeliers.  Made of stainless steel and a dark wood handle.Design: Enrico Albertinimm 200 x 200 x 50Inch 8″ x 8″ x 2″..
Brand: AdHoc Model: WA22
Perfect addition to your wine accessories, this wine chiller is perfect for keeping that white wine or champagne chilled.  7" LFreezer Safe Hand WashMade: Stainless steel drop / Black Nylon Handle ..
Legnoart SD-100 Beaujolais Decanter Set Legnoart SD-100 Beaujolais Decanter Set
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Brand: Legnoart Model: SD-100
Last One This beautiful glass Beaujolais Decanter Set is a five piece set which includes the Decanter, Base, Stand, Funnel and screen to catch sediment. This decanter is designed by Enrico Albertini and is from Legnoart Classic Collection.  This decanter. Holds appox. 65 ozLegnoart Made in Italy 20 ..
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