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Bar Glasses

Brand: Eternal Glass Model: BER-TRN
This beer glass is designed with a sharp and compact design.  Its size is perfect for pouring that small glass of beer.  This glass comes in a wooden Japanese cedar box.  The eternal glass won the coveted good design award and comes with a lifetime guarantee for a lifetime of enjoymen..
Brand: Eternal Glass Model: MIZ_IKI
This water glass is designed to convey the simple beauty of water from any angle.  This IKI water glass is made with very delicately made glass.  The this glass was made to incorporate the thinness the water and the glass together as one.  The Mizu glass come in it own cardboard box with internal fe..
Brand: Eternal Glass Model: ROK-CLR
This Rock Glass has won the Good design Award 3 times.  The glass is hand-blown by artisans in Northern Japan.  The Rock Glass comes in a wooden box made from Japan cedar. Once you get your glass you will need to register your glass with eternal glass.  Why?  Eternal glass is a glass for a lifetime...
Brand: Eternal Glass Model: SHT-TRN
This shot glass is sturdy in it design and beautiful to look at with its contemporary design of a wide mouth that tapers down to thick sham base, which is adorn by 4 blocks that symbolize, produce, manufacture and design of three companies that make up wired  beans.  The craftsman create this glass ..
Brand: Iittala Model: 950455
Essence tumbler complement any setting.  These glass were designed by Alfredo Haberli in 2001, the design was designed to be used as water glass or for wines.  FeaturesSet of 23" D x 4" HHolds  12 1/2 ozMaterial: Glass - ClearDishwasher Safe..
Brand: Halimba-Crystal Model: 1641-10AKA
The Oona glass set is an elegant set of 2 glasses that are modern in design and made of lead-free crystal. Each glass is delicately handblown and crafted by glass masters, combining modern design and traditional techniques.Specifications H 3 3/4 inch x C 3 1/3 in Holds 14 1/3 oz Lead-..
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