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Wine Corkscrews

Beechwood Ghemme Sommelier Corkscrew
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Brand: Legnoart Model: WF-1
Professional Sommelier Corkscrew classic in design.  This corkscrew has a two stage lever for easy pulling and  handle is made with beechwood and steel with butterfly foil cutter. Heavy duty in design and once in your hand you will know you are using a quality corkscrew. Eco-Leather CaseCorkscrewDes..
Corkscrew “Nebbiolo” – Grey wood
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Brand: Legnoart Model: WF-2D
Stainless steel frame, long lever handle, Professional corkscrew, skillfully engraved details. Extra leverage with double hinge for long corks. Grey colored stamina wood handle, with smooth feeling..
Brand: Legnoart Model: WF-1DX
The Ghemme Grand Crue Corkscrew is designed for sommeliers.  Made of stainless steel and a dark wood handle.Design: Enrico Albertinimm 200 x 200 x 50Inch 8″ x 8″ x 2″..
Brand: L’Atelier du Vin Model: 95528
The Golden Boy Sommelier Corkscrew is a revisited design of the traditional Sommelier praised by all "Garçons de cafe" in Paris in its gold-plated version: nice curves, pleasant handling and easy to take away to open all your bottles!The curved design combines style with ergonomics, this iconicLe Ga..
Brand: Legnoart Model: WF-1SX
Legnoart Grand Crue Sommelier Corkscrew is designed for use by Sommeliers.  The Metalply corkscrew is made with stainless steel lever with two stage lever for easy pulling.  Double curved with long black handle and silver swoop inlays.  This corkscrew is wider than typical corkscrews. Foil Cutter De..
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