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Brand: Legnoart
The Crook wine decanter is great for decanting your mature wines.  The Crook decanter is made from a lead free blown glass and bio finishing.  The decanter set comes with a wine funnel, filter screen, brown thermo ash wood base.  The base of the funnel is filled with small holes to provide  addition..
Brand: Legnoart
Designed for light wines, it has a double function: oxygenator and serving jug. The lines are particularly modern and bring a young touch of class to the table. the stick is designed to dry the decanter, the wooden base, the cork holder the drip catching saucer, and the silver funnel are practical a..
Brand: Legnoart
Legnoart strives for excellence because they want their products to be enjoyed and valued as family heirlooms for generations. Legnoart only uses raw materials of the highest quality, which they transform into exclusive objects. All Legnoart products are original because during produc..
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