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Beechwood Ghemme Sommelier Corkscrew
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Brand: Legnoart Model: WF-1
Professional Sommelier Corkscrew classic in design.  This corkscrew has a two stage lever for easy pulling and  handle is made with beechwood and steel with butterfly foil cutter. Heavy duty in design and once in your hand you will know you are using a quality corkscrew. Eco-Leather CaseCorkscrewDes..
Corkscrew “Nebbiolo” – Grey wood
Discontinued By Mfg
Brand: Legnoart Model: WF-2D
Stainless steel frame, long lever handle, Professional corkscrew, skillfully engraved details. Extra leverage with double hinge for long corks. Grey colored stamina wood handle, with smooth feeling..
Brand: Legnoart Model: SD-2
The Crook wine decanter is great for decanting your mature wines.  The Crook decanter is made from a lead free blown glass and bio finishing.  The decanter set comes with a wine funnel, filter screen, brown thermo ash wood base.  The base of the funnel is filled with small holes to provide  addition..
Brand: Legnoart Model: FB-10T
Fruit basket made of stainless steel and thermo ash wood base, simple and elegant, suited for every interior decoration style. Handcrafted in Italy by Legnoart.  This fruit basket is designed by Carlo Contin Dimension:13"D x 6 1/2" HStainless Steel TinesAsh wood baseHandcrafted in Italy Designed: Ca..
Brand: Legnoart Model: WF-1DX
The Ghemme Grand Crue Corkscrew is designed for sommeliers.  Made of stainless steel and a dark wood handle.Design: Enrico Albertinimm 200 x 200 x 50Inch 8″ x 8″ x 2″..
Brand: Legnoart Model: RK-10
Dondola: To Rock - well yes! This dondola knife rocks back and forth allowing for quick and easy chopping of herbs, onions or meats.  This knife was designed and made in Italy by Legnoart, stainless steel blades and wooden handle make this rocky knife a great tool for the kitchen.  Extra sharp blade..
Brand: Legnoart Model: SM-42
This wine set is a a great for the wine connoisseur who is serious about drinking wine.  This 8 piece set has every thing a wine lover would needs.Features Sommelier cork screw Wine thermometer Hand pump wine vacuum Two vacuum corksChampagne stopper Wine collar Non Drip Pourer ..
Brand: Legnoart Model: WF-1SX
Legnoart Grand Crue Sommelier Corkscrew is designed for use by Sommeliers.  The Metalply corkscrew is made with stainless steel lever with two stage lever for easy pulling.  Double curved with long black handle and silver swoop inlays.  This corkscrew is wider than typical corkscrews. Foil Cutter De..
Brand: Legnoart Model: SD-1
The Optimum wine decanter is a welcome addition to a wine connoisseur collection.  The Optimum decanter set includes  funnel, wood base and decanter.  The wide mouth and narrow necks makes the Optimum decanter easy to pick up and pour.  Wine Decanting set, includes :DecanterThermo ash wood base, Fun..
Brand: Legnoart Model: IA-10
Based out of Omegna, Italy Legnoart designs distinct innovative styles and designed with style and flair.  Their design to aesthetics functionality comes through in all their products.  The Pedro decanting funnel is no exception. Made of 18/10 stainless steel Finished by hand Metal Strainer included..
Brand: Legnoart Model: MT-1
MT-1 Ergonomic Mortar Set mm: 190 x 150 x 105 Mortar in heat-treated ash and porcelain Base in heat-treated ash that also works as a cover Finishing with organic products..
Porcino Mushroom Knife
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Brand: Legnoart Model: MK-1
Clean and cut mushrooms with ease with the Porcini Mushroom knife from LegnoartStainless steel mushroom knifeBird’s Beak bladeFoldable cleaning brushStainless steel satin finishBeechwood handleInch8” x 4” ½ x 2”Design: Enrico Alvertini..
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